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Coffeehouse & Roasters
911 NW 14th Avenue
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Hours of Caffeination

 Weekdays           6:30am-6:00pm

 Weekends           8:00am-5:00pm

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     B E A N S   

Welcome!                                                     Benvenuto!

Like the historic 1910 warehouse we call home, what was old is new again. Established in 2003, renowned as The First Coffeehouse In The Pearl District, our owners renewed and re-imagined this timeless space in 2013, creating an ambiance that's as comfortable as it is beautiful; friendly and inviting. 

Our roastmaster is at the helm of our custom-designed roaster several times each week, creating varieties of drip and espresso as vast as the global reaches from where we source our beans. For lovers of the leaf, our selection of premium teas is extensive.  The menu goes beyond typical fare, featuring fresh, house-made cookies, pastries, the real deal in bagels, enormous made-to-order sandwiches, soup, and the best hummus this side of the mediterranean. Trust us. We've been to the other side. 

Looking for a venue to host your next event? Urban Grind Coffeehouse & Roasters fits the niche. We have meeting space for your face-to-face, or our entire shop can accommodate your festive gathering.

Look no further than Urban Grind Coffeehouse & Roasters to handle all your Wholesale, Private Label or Third-Party roasting and packaging needs. Gotta have our premium roasts fast-tracked somewhere? Check us out on Amazon.com - search for Urban Grind Coffee. We also have a tremendous line of Turkish Coffee roasts, under our Cafe Al-Khal label that appeals to the tradtionalists as well as new-found consumers.  You won't find fresher anywhere. 

We look forward to refueling you soon.

There is bigger. But none better.